Kettle Heroes maintains a strictly ALL-NATURAL, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE, and KOSHER certified facility to ensure even those individuals with the most common food allergies and restrictions can enjoy our delicious popcorn and kettle corn.  All of our ingredients and recipes are carefully vetted to ensure no trace amounts of nuts, gluten, or treif make it into your mouth.

We believe the best tasting artisan popcorn comes from using only quality, all-natural ingredients.  Our Non-GMO popcorn kernels are grown, harvested, dried, and packed on a 5th generation private family farm in Nebraska that dates all the way back to the Homestead Act.  All flavors are made using this GMO-free, yellow butterfly popcorn that pops to the largest and most tender popcorn kernels.  We pop our popcorn kernels in corn oil to mitigate any allergy restrictions and to bring out the natural flavor of the popcorn, allowing the corn to speak for itself.  Our Kettle Heroes handcraft every batch fresh to your order to ensure you're only receiving the best! 

Order today by 11 AM (Monday - Friday) and your order will ship out same day. If you live in the Phoenix metro area, you can select 'Kettle Heroes Factory Store Pickup' from the drop-down shipping menu and avoid any shipping costs. Our facility is located across from IKEA near the I-10 freeway. (click here for map)


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