Whether you're looking to raise funds to support your school, religious organization, sports team, charity, or non-profit organization, Kettle Heroes can provide you with a customized program to achieve your goals.  We understand that each group has its own unique internal dynamics and challenges.  As a local Arizona company, we can give your fundraising a dramatic boost through:

  1. Personalized popcorn labels with your group's name, logo, and colors
  2. Ongoing fundraising through web sales commissions
  3. On-site popping and selling for special events from our mobile popcorn food trucks
  4. Traditional popcorn fundraisers that will net your organization at least 50% profit


To get started, send us an email to fundraising@kettleheroes.comcall us at 1-855-KET-HERO (538-4376), or fill out the contact form below. We’ll need your organization’s contact information, your expected fundraiser dates, approximately how many participants will be selling popcorn, and your fundraising goals. Our friendly staff will be quick to respond and get you and your organization on your way to success.

Thank you for considering us to be your local Arizona fundraising partner!