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Stop Eating Microwave Popcorn. Start Eating Fresh Popped Popcorn

We're all guilty of choosing convenience over quality.  Unfortunately, saving time by deciding to eat microwave popcorn may hurt you in the long run.  Most people are not aware, but the majority of popular microwave popcorn brands contains Trans Fat, MSG from artificial butter flavoring, and diacetyl, a chemical made from butane.  The latter, diacetyl is so deadly that the CDC warns workers in microwave popcorn plants to limit their exposure to prevent getting a disease called Popcorn Lung.

Lastly, microwave popcorn bags are lined with dangerous chemicals such as PFOA and PFOS to prevent grease from soaking the bag wet.  When these chemicals are heated in the microwave, they fuse into the popcorn you eat.  The EPA has termed these chemicals as 'likely carcinogens', which may cause problems with your endocrine system, thyroid, and possibly bladder cancer.

So why take the risk to your health by eating microwave popcorn when there are healthier alternatives?  We recommend making your own popcorn in a skillet to avoid all of the artificial flavors, preservatives, and chemicals.  Or, if you still don't have time for that, buy pre-popped popcorn and kettle corn.

Kettle Heroes only utilizes all-natural, gluten-free, nut-free, and kosher ingredients in all of its flavors.  Moreover, you can purchase the freshest popcorn directly from www.kettleheroes.com and have it shipped straight to your door.  Arizona residents will receive their order within 1-2 days and the rest of the contiguous U.S. in 2-3 days.

Shop Now and place quality over convenience!  Your health deserves it!